Wyoming Hunting for Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, Antelope, and COW ELK HUNTS NOW AVAILABLE FOR 2014, also BOOKING 2014 MULE DEER HUNTS
Fishing Expeditions are also available




Southwest Wyoming is home to abundant elk, mule deer, moose, and antelope.  When hunting in Southwest Wyoming, you can expect a near 100% opportunity of harvesting a trophy quality animal.

Grizzly Peak Outfitters, located on approximately 65,000 acres of Southwest Wyoming, is committed to trophy quality hunting. Owner Rusty Lym, has over 30 years experience in hunting elk, mule deer, moose and antelope in this area of Wyoming.

Archery and rifle hunts are available and include professional guiding, meals and accommodations. Comfortable camp trailers serve as base camp and home cooked meals are prepared daily.


Grizzly Peak also provides great summer fishing expeditions. NOW BOOKING 2014 MULE DEER HUNTS

Look for our hunting TV segments with Jeff Ensor on Non Stop Hunting TV. 

Please look at the website for the hunt of your choice, or call Grizzly Peak Outfitters, 307-444-2002, to book a hunt of a lifetime! 

 Kevin Small of Bakersfield, California, with his  monster of a buck.  This buck has 6 3/4 inch bases, 28 1/2 inches wide, and scores 197 3/8.      

 Dustin Lym with his awesome 357 6x6 bull.  I asked Dustin to come hunting with us on October 22.  We had seen some big bulls in the area, but we were unable to have anyone connect with one.  Dustin got it done.  This is the biggest bull we have ever taken at Grizzly Peak.  and I am very proud.  It happended to be my nephew that got him.  Congrats on a great bull.

 Toby Griffith with this beautiful 5 by 5 Mule deer taken on the hunt. This buck has a 200 inch main frame and scores 202. What a great buck, Congrats Toby

This great bull jumped out just long enough to get his picture taken on the archery elk hunt. we seen this bull during the rifle hunt and mother nature must of had other plans for him as the wind changed just before the shot.

Cory Hughes of Puyallup Washington took this nice typical Mule deer on the  season. This is Cory's best buck he has ever taken. His dad Buddy was there also to enjoy the hunt. Over the years the hughes family has taken some very nice trophy's with Grizzly Peak. Congrats Cory

Darren Bay of Strathmore California with his beautiful Mule deer buck. As you can see this buck has great main beams. Darren took a nice buck a few years ago with Grizzly Peak, and now has another one for the wall..

Tiana Griffith with her very nice Antelope she took during the 2012 season. the buck scored 78 inches. congrats on a nice one shot Antelope

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